Student Accommodation Cleaning

Specialist Student Accommodation Cleaning in Newcastle & the North East

Hi-Specialists provide student accommodation cleaning in Newcastle and the North East! Our tea of dedicated cleaners use deep clean methods to ensure that the accommodations visitors and students are welcomed to a clean public area, toilets and rooms. We use the latest specification machines and to ensure deep cleans of all large properties and accommodation public areas. We have the ability to work fast, without a drop in standards and have quick turnarounds.

Student Accommodation Cleaning in Newcastle
Student Accommodation Cleaners
Student Halls Cleaners in Newcastle

Other Areas We Work

Cleaning Services


Experienced, professional full housekeeping teams that have the skills and experience to deliver an exponential level of service to hotels

Industrial Deep Cleans

Thorough cleansing that specifically includes a complete de-greasing, disinfection and deodorising of the site


We can find, train and supply quality Room Attendants Specialists for your hotel and accommodation

Public Area

We can supply Public Area Cleaners in a variety of businesses from office buildings to Hotels adapting to the needs of each contract and client.


All Linen Porters are fully trained within their role and then they will be trained within the Room Attendant role, especially making beds, as this can help the team in regards to sickness or under staffing.


We provide a Deep-Clean service for hotels and other large businesses, this service gives our clients the opportunity to refresh their entire property, generally within the quieter or closed hours of service as to not disrupt your guests or workers

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